Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Current" Liberal Blogger James Curran Will be Returning to Court on Fraud Charges

h/t to Scott Tribe who corrected me yesterday and pointed out that James Curran, is not a former Liberal blogger, but a current Liberal blogger. It seems Curran has re-launched his blog, but has deleted every previous post that got him into trouble in his hometown of Niagara Falls.

Just a quick reminder: As President of the Federal Niagara Falls Liberal Riding Association, he once predicted on his blog the defeat of the local Liberal candidate on the eve of the 2006 election. He then went on the predict on his blog the defeat of Liberal MPP Kim Craitor in the upcoming 2007 provincial election. When I broke that story here, it caused a media flurry locally that embarrassed local Liberals terribly. In response, Curran posted on his blog a fake press release announcing my intention to run for the NDP nomination in Niagara Falls. Of course, I never had any intention of running for anything and am not even a card-carrying New Democrat.

I predicted on my blog that Curran was an train wreck waiting to happen. You'll notice that many of the links to Curran's previous posts within these links are dead, kind of like Curran's political career. This is because he was quick to clean up his mess when everything fell apart after his arrest.

So to make a long story short, Curran is a current, not a former, Liberal blogger and his court date has been adjourned until June 28.

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