Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top Ten Ontario NDP Targets

A little birdie dopped this in my inbox. Expect the NDP to run hard in the ten ridings that it holds plus the following ten ridings, which I understand are ordered by priority. No real surprises, although I'm a bit surprised the NDP thinks it can knock off two cabinet ministers in Windsor. Duncan is a possibility, by Pupatello?No way.

1. Hamilton East – Stoney Creek
2. London Fanshawe
3. Windsor Tecumseh
4. Sault Ste. Marie
5. Ottawa Centre
6. Davenport
7. Hamilton Mountain
8. Oshawa
9. Algoma Manitoulin
10. Windsor West

1 comment:

Dissidence said...

I guess no real surprises. They've focused on traditional working class ridings in Oshawa, Hamilton, London, and Windsor, as well as in the North. Davenport seems to be somewhat of a surprise. Who do they have running there?