Sunday, June 17, 2007

Who Should Lead the Ontario NDP? Vote Now

Given that left-of-centre, Ontario-based folks, make up the bulk of my readers, I thought I'd follow up on Ian Urquhart's observation from last month and ask who should lead the Ontario NDP should Hampton quit after the next provincial election?

Vote here.

ps. In a former life, I was an ONDY Co-Chair, who with the unanimous backing of the ONDY executive, called on Hampton to resign after the party's dismal performance in 1999. The party establishment wasn't pleased, but I think recent electoral history has vindicated me and my colleagues.


Jim said...

While I don't have a horse in the race, I had hypothesized that actually Olivia Chow would be the best fit for the Ontario NDP (The NDP).

janfromthebruce said...

Actually, I like Hampton. Considering what Bob Rae did to the NDP, sure isn't Hampton's fault.
Thank goodness Bob finally made his move, and it will be a lot harder for the libs to paint the NDP as poor money managers when he almost became the leader of the federal liberals - take the wind and crap out of their sails.

northwestern_lad said...

Given their recent performance??? So I guess the 4 by-election wins during the life of this Government hasn't shown the resurgence of the NDP in Ontario, right??? Please

Lets be honest, it wouldn't of mattered who the leader of the party was during the late 90's because the NDP was stained by the Rae years. Howard is different than Bob. Howard's background is more of a Sask. and Manitoba NDP, a more rural socialist view. He's really had to build himself up with urban Ontario voters, and he's done a great job of that. By the way, I am a former constituent of Howard's and seen his great work in person.

As for the question, I like Howard and hope that he sticks around after this election. But seeing his wife step aside makes you wonder if he might as well. If that is the case, I have five candidates:

1. Peter Kormos - I think that he has a great approach and he is a vocal MPP

2. Rosario Marchese - Another solid possibility that is very respected

3. Cheri DiNovo - She is newer, but she has made a great splash onto the scene this year after her by-election win.

4. Marilyn Churley - The more MPP would make a very strong leader if she decided to come back to the Provincial scene. She seems to be firmly in the Federal Scene now, but she would be a great choice.

5. Adam Giambrone - I think that this Toronto City Counsellor's future is a bright one, and I think that he could really give a good shot in the arm to the party, infusing it with youth and energy. Don't be surprised if Howard takes his leave after the election to see a "Draft Adam" movement start up.

Uncorrected Proofs said...

A few points...

Jan...Let's not forget that Howard was in Rae's cabinet and went along with the most controversial decisions (Hampton did vote for the Social Contract for example).

Northwestern Lad... By recent electoral performance I meant that Hampton lost official party status for the NDP two elections in a row... a Canadian parliamentary record if I'm not mistaken. Also, the party has remained incredibly low in the polls for the vast majority of Hampton's tenure as leader. You can;t blame it all on Rae, especially given the Hampton was a longstanding member of Rae's cabinet.

northwestern_lad said...

Yes, they lost party status, but a large part of that had to do with the reduction of seats without lowering the amount of seats needed to reach official party status. The Tories elimated over 20 seats, and the NDP was about 1 or 2 seats off of official party status.

And I'm not blaming it all on Rae, i've never been one to do that. What I meant was that the Blakeney governments of Saskatchewan have had much more influence on who Howard because he worked in those governments. I think that he was always different from Bob Rae in that sense.

Blogging Horse said...

For the longest time, Ontarians have seen the NDP with a huge anchor in the shape of Bob Rae attached to it. Now that Rae has thrown his lot in with the Red team, Hampton's NDP stands the chance of making real gains. People are also pretty weary of the McGunity Libs. We already saw both these factors in play in the York and Parkdale by-elections with incredible results.

A better question might be who's going to replace McGunity?

Jaker said...

I have to say I would expect David Miller could do wonders for the Ontario NDP if he was the leader. He could rally a huge number of Toronto seats, evoking the 1990 election.

P.S. I only discovered Uncorrected Proofs lately and it has rapidly become my favourite NDP blog. Very consistent posting and excellent analysis. We need more like you!

dayn said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that if Bob White led the NDP, they would find the most success.

Dissidence said...

Howard's background is more of a Sask. and Manitoba NDP, a more rural socialist view.

Because, really, Doer and Calvert are admitted socialists....

By a Manitoba and Saskatchewan view, don't you actually mean a centrist, third-way view?