Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Evidence That Socialism Works

LCBO wine sales top $1 Billion. And they say the government can't run anything... I'm still waiting fo my public automobile insurance.


MrvnMouse said...

Honestly, when there is a liquor store every block in Ontario, I will support the LCBO.

Otherwise, I think Ontario needs to grow up and privatize their liquor sales. It's just an archaic relic from the days of puritan prohibition style thinking. The idea that the government needs to control the liquor supply otherwise the masses will drink too much. >:

Graeme Stewart said...

Evidence that socialism works, or that the sale of powerful intoxicants is a sure-fire moneymaker?

Dissidence said...

1) I fully support an LCBO on every block
2) A sure fire money maker? Yep, good observation. However, it also illustrates that the government can succesfully run a 'business' and make a 'profit' (ugh, I loathe those words, but you get my point). As far as other sure fire money makers...I agree with proofs- auto insurance. Manitoba does it, Saskatchewan does it- why can't Ontario?