Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saskatchewan NDP Hypocrisy on Broken Promises

Lorne Clavert isn't going to get away with this kind of crap.

From the Globe & Mail:

But Mr. Calvert said he expects politicians to keep their promises.

“I can't accept that they didn't understand what they were promising. This promise was made by [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper who understands, of anybody in Canada, the role of the non-renewable natural resource sector,” said the premier.

“What has changed their mind? It may well be simply the politics of where the seats are. We don't have many seats in Saskatchewan and there are a lot more seats elsewhere and it may simply be a political decision to maintain seats.”

Funny, a Sasktchewan NDP premier criticizing someone for broken promises... I seem to recall a few NDP broken promises in Saskatchewan. Here's the most recent one:

Saskatchewan's NDP government has caved in to pressure from the business community and scrapped so-called available hours legislation to help part-time workers.

"By backing down to the corporate bullies, the (Lorne) Calvert government has abandoned the very people who need a courageous government in their corner," says Larry Hubich, president of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour. The Saskatchewan Government Employees Union (SGEU/NUPGE) was among labour unions across the province pushing to have the legislation proclaimed into law.

Although the bill was passed by the legislature, the cabinet stalled on bringing it into effect because of strong resistance from business and from opposition political parties.

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Sean Shaw said...

One of many broken promises by this NDP government, not to mention that they seem more like a bunch of Liberals in Orange coats half the time......but when you look at the alternatives I would still rather work with these guys in power trying to change things from the inside then taking my chances with another party...