Friday, June 1, 2007

Former Liberal Blogger James Curran, the "What Do I Know Grit", Going Back to Court on Fraud Charges

From the Niagara Falls Review, June 1, 2007

Local Liberal's court case adjourned

Niagara Falls realtor Jim Curran, 42, who is charged with two counts of fraud, had his case adjourned to June 28 when the matter was spoken to Thursday in the Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines.

Curran, a prominent local Liberal, was charged by Niagara Regional Police last month just hours before he was going to seek the Liberal nomination to run in the next federal election. He was charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000 and was released on a promise to appear in court on Thursday.

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Scott Tribe said...

Actually, he isn't a "former Liberal blogger". He's a "current Liberal blogger", as he is blogging again, and has been for awhile.