Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Future of Quebec Politics

This article from the Ottawa Citizen needs to dig a little deeper in my view.

We are seeing a major re-alignment of the party system in Quebec. The Quebec Liberal Party, not just Charest, is in deep trouble. At the brink of irrelevance among French-speaking Quebecers, the Liberals will likely be squeezed out over the next few elections by the ADQ on the right. The anglophone minority will slowly drift to the ADQ in the same way that many of them sought refuge with the Union Nationale many decades earlier. This will be the anglophone minority's only option if they want to maintain any political clout in Quebec politics. The PQ will maintain its sovereignist base and therefore remain relevant not only as THE party of separatists, but also as a left-wing alternative to the right-wing ADQ.

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