Friday, June 8, 2007

NDP Widens Lead in Nova Scotia

This CRA poll is encouraging news for New Democrats.

NDP 37%
PC 29%
Liberal 26%

Support for the governing Progressive Conservatives is down, according to the most recent survey conducted by Corporate Research Associates Inc. Presently, support for the provincial Progressive Conservatives stands at 29 percent compared with 35% three months ago, while the opposition NDP has the backing of close to four in ten decided voters (37%, compared with 36% in February 2007). Approximately one-quarter (26%, compared with 25%) of decided residents back the Liberals, while 7 percent (compared with 3%) prefer the Green Party. The number of Nova Scotia residents who are currently undecided, do not plan to vote, or refuse to state a preference currently stands at 42 percent (compared with 39%).

1 comment:

MrvnMouse said...

oooh, this would be different. An NDP government out in the atlantic provinces.

It's almost as weird as the polling in Quebec for the NDP. You know the population is getting tired of the two old parties when...