Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Launch a Revolutionary Storm in Education

Watch this clip from the old socialist Chinese film "Breaking With Old Ideas".


Julian Benson said...

A very good film. Though I would disagree with the Maoist focus on peasant farming (which doesn't really advance the way of life) it does raise a valid point about education. Too often in universities today do we see a distinct line that separate academics from working people. We are almost taught a sense of superiority to the working class. Then as soon as we graduate, and this has happened to a great many people I know and myself as well, we are totally shocked to realize that have to in fact become workers ourselves. And we are flabbergasted. That whole ivory tower mentality is poison to a good education system.

Che's "Socialism and the New Man" deals with the same concept in a less Maoist way. It's a good read.

rabbit said...

Fascinating movie.

In the contempt for fundamental science and admiration for peasants
one can see the cultural revolution in action, where "stinking intellectuals" were slaughtered, imprisoned, or re-educated through forced labour.

It cost China an entire generation of academics.