Friday, September 14, 2007

The Most Delusional Liberal Spin You Will Ever Read

From the most delusional would-be Liberal politician I have ever known...

Apparently, the recent Quebec by-election polls aren't bad news for the Liberals. Read it here.


For some sober Liberal analysis of the Quebec by-elections click here and here.


Dissidence said...

Has anyone heard how Curran's legal woes are proceeding?

Uncorrected Proofs said...

Good question. The last time the local media reported on the story was back on June 1 when they reported that the case had been adjourned until June 28.

mattt said...

Wait, you mean this isn't a spoof?!


*reads some of Curran's archives*

Are you SURE he's not a spoof, like a bloggy, Gritty Stephen Colbert? The 'I'm Against MMP!!!1111' post is absurdist humour at its finest.

- matttbastard

mattt said...

I mean, this:

"I'm sorry but this isn't Europe or, for that matter, anywhere else that implements MMP. This is Canada. This is CANADA. We have a Parliamentary system. We've always had a Parliamentary system."

had me in bloody stitches. Are you sure...?

- matttbastard

Uncorrected Proofs said...

Local Liberals I talk to are totally embarassed by this guy.

On electoral reform, Curran says that MMP is supported by radical political wing nuts and that alone is reason not to support it. What he didn't tell you is that his "friend", the sitting Liberal MPP for Niagara Falls, Kim Craitor, also supports MMP.

mattt said...

Words fail.

He'd be better off pitching his shtick to the Comedy Network. I truly believe he has a winning gimmick.