Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Conservatives and Negativity

The Tory party's hypocrisy over negativity in politics has never been so clear.

On the party's website, a humourous picture of Stephane Dion along with a group of puffins accompanies a story which complains that Dion "all negative, all the time." It goes on to suggest that Dion is one his way to becoming is the most negative opposition leader of all time and that he does nothing but criticize. However, if you check out the entire right hand sidebar of the Conservative website you'll notice a list of at least five negative attack ads slamming Dion on the issues of senate reform and leadership. I don't mind negative politics or negative attack ads. In fact, I think they can be legitimate and useful political tools. However, you can't negatively portray Dion in a series of negative attack ads and then complain about his negativity on the same webpage and expect people to take your party seriously.

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