Thursday, February 8, 2007

Liberal Blogger Doubletalk Exposed

From the Niagara Falls Review: Confusion reigns when a riding boss isn't a riding boss

Click the link above to read the entire lead editorial in today's Review and click here to see who really broke the story. I have reprinted several portions of the Review's editorial below, wherein the local news media take Liberal Riding Association President James Curran to task for lashing out after being exposed for his doubletalk.
Jim Curran isn't a politician. At least not yet. Not officially. But he sure is exhibiting one of the important qualities: Doubletalk. Curran, president of the Niagara Falls Federal Liberal Riding Association, was caught in a trap by the provincial Conservatives on the weekend. His words were used to badmouth his provincial party and he was beside himself. Literally, he would have us believe. "My good friend Kim Craitor, (Liberal) MPP for Niagara Falls, will be losing his job after the results are posted in the upcoming October election ... because Kim's government has rules and regulations that apply to everyone else but their own government," Curran wrote on a blog....

...We're confused, which often happens when politicians speak. Or in this case, a potential Liberal candidate in the next national campaign. They like to talk. They just don't like it when someone pays attention to what they say and takes them to task for it. So they duck and bob and weave and claim they've been quoted out of context...

...That's why we don't buy the concept of a person making an argument then hiding behind an alter ego to avoid the fallout.... for Jim Curran, writing in a blog called the "What Do I Know Grit," to somehow expect political commentary to be attributed to anyone but the local riding association president, well, that's just silly. We don't understand it ... and he can't make us.