Monday, September 10, 2007

Layton, Mulcair More Popular Than Dion and Harper in Quebec

From the Montreal Gazette:

The survey was conducted last week by Léger Marketing for The Gazette, the Journal de Montréal and the TVA network. A group of 1,472 Quebecers of voting age were asked their opinion on each of a list of 65 political personalities....

...After Charest, the least positively viewed were federal Liberal leader Stéphane Dion with a 58 per cent negative reading and Prime Minister Stephen Harper with 51 per cent. On the positive side, Harper's 47 per cent reading put him in 13th place overall, well ahead of Dion's 35 per cent that left him in 22nd place.

There is good news for the New Democratic Party and its campaign in the Outremont by-election. Not only is NDP leader Jack Layton ninth among favoured political figures, but former Liberal minister and now NDP candidate in Outremont Tom Mulcair ranks close behind in 11th place with a 47 per cent positive reading.

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