Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dion to Cherniak: Advertising Works!

Liberal leader Stephane Dion has finally acknowledged that the Tory ads deriding him as "not a leader" have been effective. Despite various Liberal attempts to respond to the campaign to the campaign, Dion remains mired in unpopularity.

From the Vancouver Sun:

Wearing an open-neck, pale blue shirt and a sleek navy pinstripe suit, the Liberal leader, surprisingly, lauds the "Dion is Not a Leader" ad campaign as effective.

The ads have given people a terrible impression of him, but he points out that those low expectations play in his favour once he meets voters -- which is why he's travelling the country non-stop. "Where did we fly here from?" he asks an aide. "Oh yes, Toronto."

Do you think we'll see a revised advertising analysis by Liberal blogger Jason Cherniak who had this to say back in February? His spin was so off the mark that even Dion has refuted it. Here's a preview of Cherniak's spin back in February:

Dion just became a capital "L" Leader a couple months ago - the idea that he is "not a leader" will not ring true to many people at this time. The only way the message will work is if people see many reasons over time to believe that Dion is not a leader. So far, Dion has not been giving that impression. The only people giving that impression are the Tories, who try to make everything Dion does into a joke. Will it work? Only if the Liberals do not respond. We need to have a response and, once we do, it should be easy for us to make our case.


Jason Cherniak said...

There's no contradiction. While it has worked on polling numbers, we still don't know whether it will stick in the long run. Short-term gain isn't too important if it has no ultimate electoral consequences.

Uncorrected Proofs said...

Ummm.. you wrote that February. By my count, that's eight months. In politics, that sounds pretty long-term to me. The first test of electoral consequences will come next week in Quebec.