Monday, September 3, 2007

Nova Scotia Healthcare Unions Fight to Keep Right to Strike

No one handed workers the right to strike. Workers fought, and in some cases died in order to secure that right. Don't expect unions to roll over and give it up that easily. Sadly, the Nova Scotia NDP has not taken a strong position in support of the right to strike.

From the Globe & Mail:

Nova Scotia's health-care unions will use the labour movement's traditional holiday weekend to roll out a public information campaign against a government move to end the right to strike.

It's the opening volley in what's expected to be an ongoing battle through the fall with the province's Conservative government.

The unions also plan a major rally, most likely be held during the opening of the fall session of the legislature.

“Our message to the public, to our membership and to the government is, let's pick our battles. This is an unnecessary one, ” said Joan Jessome, president of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union.

Where does the Nova Scotia NDP stand on the issue? NDP leader Darrell Dexter offered up this pathetic response:

When asked Thursday whether he could support a measure like binding arbitration, NDP Leader Darrell Dexter didn't want to “get into the realm of speculation,” citing the various models that could be proposed.

“Until you actually see what it is they are trying to suggest, it is difficult to say that one thing or another would be acceptable,” he said.

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Joshua Kubinec said...


What's so bloody difficult about saying "I support a worker's right to strike?!"

It's not that difficult!