Saturday, January 12, 2008

SGEU Staff Lock-Out Enters Tenth week

Saskatchewan Government Employees Union staff members, represented by CEP local 481, have been locked out for ten weeks.

Here is the timeline of the labour dispute according to the CEP:

SGEU locked out its staff on November 6.
CEP Local 481 agreed to a SFL request to proceed to mediation.
On November 30, SGEU refused to take part in mediation.
On December 3, CEP Local 481 contacted SGEU to return to the bargaining table.
On December 4, SGEU refused to agree to go back to the bargaining table.

The actions of SGEU leaders speak louder than words.

They try to impose concessions, lock-out workers who refuse to give in, and then refuse to attempt to bargain or mediate an agreement after having kept their workers locked-out in the cold for over a month -- just as we head into the Christmas season.SGEU leaders: your actions will be remembered...

I haven't read anything about this labour dispute in the left blogosphere, which is weird given the number of blogs that come out of Saskatchewan. In particular, I'm wondering what this blogger thinks.

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