Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Peter Tabuns Ontario NDP Leadership Tour?

Peter Tabuns is one smart cookie. As previously mentioned here, Tabuns is embarking on a province-wide speaking tour just a few months in advance of Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton's anticipated retirement. Coincidence? I think not.

Peter Tabuns Meetings
Dialogue for a New Energy Economy

January 15 - London - London City Hall, Committee Room #4 & #5, 6-8pm.

January 17 - Kingston - Delahaye Rm., Kingston Public Library, 130 Johnson St., 7pm.

January 21 - Ottawa - Montgomery Legion, 330 Kent Street, 7pm.

January 22- Peterborough - The Lions Center, 347 Burnham Street. 7pm.

January 29 - Sarnia - CEP Union Hall, 900 Devine Street, 7pm.

January 31- Guelph - Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street, 6:45pm.

WHAT: A public meeting with Peter Tabuns, Provincial NDP Environment and Energy Critic, MPP Toronto Danforth and former Executive Director of Greenpeace.

WHY: Because our province is on the brink of crisis: - our energy supply and our economic security are at risk. Peter Tabuns will introduce an exciting new plan to transform Ontario from a province dependent on diminishing reserves of imported non-renewable energy to a thriving economy with good jobs built on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.

This meeting will begin a dialogue with you and others who have been working so hard for a healthy economy, a clean environment, healthy cities, good jobs and a new way forward for the future: A Dialogue for a New Energy Economy.

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