Monday, January 21, 2008

Alberta Liberals Losing Ground: Poll

Not long ago, everybody seemed to think Ed Stelmach's Conservative government in Alberta was vulnerable. However, a recent poll shows that Stelmach is poised to increase his majority government at the expense of the opposition Liberals, who could easily lose up to half of their seats in a snap election.

Consider the numbers:

2004 election

Conservative: 62 seats with 47% of the vote
Liberal: 16 seats with 29% of the vote
NDP: 4 seats with 10% of the vote
Alliance: 1 seat with 9% of the vote
Greens: 0 seats with 3% of the vote

2008 poll

Conservative: 58% +11
Liberal: 19% -10
NDP: 9% -1
Alliance: 5% -4
Greens: 9% +6

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