Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dion's Approval Ratings in the Toilet

More bad news for Stephane Dion... could this mean we don't have a spring election?

The survey, conducted between Jan. 10-13 for CTV and The Globe and Mail, shows that Dion is the only national party leader to show a significant drop in support.

When respondents were asked if they found the leaders favourable, less than half said they had a good impression of Dion (difference between a Jan. 11-14, 2007 poll in brackets):

Stephen Harper, Conservatives: 58 per cent (+4)
Elizabeth May, Green Party: 56 per cent (-2)
Jack Layton, NDP: 55 per cent (-4)
Stephane Dion, Liberals: 39 per cent (-20)


Tim Webster said...

Dion, I remember him, he is the guy who wouldn't vote out Harper.

Jay said...

Yet the liberals, strangely, are either tied or ahead or slightly behind the conservatives and the NDP numbers are tanking. Interesting. May is the only one in this poll whose numbers are meaningful, the rest make no sense when looking at party popularity. Harper is popular but can't get ahead of the liberals with the most unpopular leader. Jack is third (nothing to rave about) and the NDP are propbably going to slip into 4th place despite all of Jacks attempts to change things. He's why I left the NDP and why many others have also. Maybe after he's replaced things will change but in the mean time I want Harper out.

This poll wasn't worth even posting about.

Blogging Horse said...

Jay said: "and the NDP numbers are tanking."

From this poll, the people doing all the tanking are Liberals, Dion in particular.

A lot of people want Harper out. The problem is Stephane Dion doesn't ... that's why he ordered his MPs to prop up Harper four times since October. And that - plus screw ups like the choas in Churchill River - is why his personal leadership numbers are so horrible.

The fact is there's only one leader who has the record and skills to take on Harper and it's Jack Layton.

Jay said...

Yes because Joke Layton has done so hot since he's been leader. After 4 years of selling out the NDP his party is third and dropping into fourth territory and he's the third favourite leader. Only took four years for that.

Break out the champagne.