Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pick Your Candidate

This nifty quiz helps match a voter's public policy preferences with the most like-minded presidential candidate. Not surprisingly, Kucinich and Obama topped my list.


Wheatsheaf said...

Nice Quiz - I ended up with Kucinich and Gravel (who the heck is Gravel?), and Ron Paul was the only Republican not to be in the minus'. I was a little surprise that Huckabee only scored a -32 to Romney's -62. Maybe Huckabee is not complete vile.

rww said...

Interesting. Kucinich far ahead but Obama and Clinton almost tied for me. Also Republican results were intersting with Paul being the least bad.

86 Kucinich
59 Obama
58 Clinton
56 Gravel
56 Dodd
54 Edwards

-16 Paul
-22 McCain
-24 Giuliani

The Nag said...

There were a lot of important issues that weren't on the list: jobs,unions, expansion of free trade, use of replacement workers during strikes, making the rich pay, limits on campaign funding, etc. Edwards would have rated a lot higher on my scale if these were included. Unfortunately, though, he supports the death penalty which is anathema to me.