Friday, January 25, 2008

Democrats Outspending Republicans in a Big Way

The Liberal Party of Canada could learn something from the Democrats about fundraising...

2008 Presidential Campaign:

Clinton: $90,962,311

Obama: $80,256,425

Romney: $62,829,068

Giuliani: $47,253,519

McCain: $32,124,783

Edwards: $30,329,150

Paul: $8,268,060

Huckabee: $2,345,796

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h/t to Nag on the Lake


Mike said...

Hey, don't forget Ron Paul raising 6 million in a single day...I don't think the Libs have $6 million total.

mattt said...

Keep a look out for smear campaigns from "independent" right wing 527s. Freedom's Watch has a $250 mil budget--that's enough for more thant ten swiftboatings.

(h/t Steve Benen.)