Thursday, April 5, 2007

Morality Test: Find Out If You've Got Any Morals

Take the morality test, via Nag on the Lake.

Sample question:

An old woman was very ill. On her deathbed she asked her son to promise that he would visit her grave at least once a week. The son didn't want to disappoint his mother, so he promised that he would. But after his mother died, he didn't keep his promise. He was too busy. He didn't tell anyone about his promise, and he has never felt guilty for failing to do as he said he would. How do you judge the failure of the son to visit his mother's grave once a week as he promised?

1 comment:

The JF said...

"Your Moralising Quotient is: 0.00.

Your Interference Factor is: 0.00.

Your Universalising Factor is: -1."

Mwaha, nothing phases me!