Wednesday, April 25, 2007

McGuinty Liberals Giving Polluters a Free Ride

So says Ontario environmental commissioner Gord Miller. Read about it here.

Budget cuts and staff reductions at two provincial government ministries are having a "crippling" effect on the fight to protect the environment, a scathing new report says.

Ontario environmental commissioner Gord Miller issued a "special" report yesterday on the ministries of the environment and natural resources and concluded that:

-Industries spew more pollutants into Ontario's air than current standards allow simply because the government doesn't have the staff to review the files.

-Raw and inadequately treated sewage pollutes bodies of water throughout the province because there aren't enough people to regulate treatment plants.

-Wildlife conservation officers are increasingly unable to leave the office because their gasoline budgets are so low, prompting groups in the North to hold fundraising bake sales for them.

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