Thursday, April 5, 2007

Justin Trudeau: Shooting Star or Unproven Liability?

The Toronto Star's James Travers writes about the struggle between Stephane Dion and Justin Trudeau.

Here are a few select paragrpahs:

Behind their hands, federal Liberals are questioning if this Trudeau is the father's son or only a shooting star made visible by reflected light.

To shoplift Gertrude Stein's memorable line about Oakland, Liberals are wondering if there is any there there in the not quite young Trudeau. More specifically, they worry that his candidacy and inevitable media attention will stir memories of domineering federalism that a struggling party wants Quebecers to forget.

Along with those uncertainties are other doubts. There's not much in his resum̩ to build confidence, and some public appearances Рone at Mont Tremblant Рleave more informed and judicious audiences squirming.

Sometimes, it's enough just to be famous.

That's not the case with politics. Confusing entertainment with public service, fame with competence, first erodes the democratic debate and eventually the quality of national governance.

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