Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Liberal MPs Who Would Rather Quit Than Run Under Dion

The list grows longer everyday while Dion scrambles to find enough candidates. At this point, over 10% of the Liberal caucus is calling it quits.

Ray Bonin
Brenda Chamberlain
Joe Comuzzi
Bill Graham
Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Paul Martin
Joe McGuire
Stephen Owen
Jim Peterson
Andy Scott
Paul Steckle
Tom Wappel

Who's next?

***UPDATE*** Lucienne Robillard just called it quits today.


audacious said...

speaks volumes for the leadership doesn't it!

Scott Tribe said...

Thats a rather big assumption you're making.

Quite honestly.. a lot of these folks are on the right-wing of the party.. so I'm not exactly unhappy to see some of them leaving.

DivaRachel said...

Interesting assessment. Robillard has had her time, and unlike many others, she doesn't wait till she's over the hill before leaving. Smart woman, she is.

Anyways, do you know who L.R. was supporting during the leadership race?