Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Liberals and Conservaives Tied in Year End Decima Poll

From the Toronto Star. Looks like the Tories are tanking in Quebec, and the NDP is losing ground in Ontario. This no longer looks like a "post-convention bounce" for the Liberals. They're back in the game. The only question is: will this force the Tories to hold off on an election until they can increase their popularity, or will it concvince them to go to the polls ahead of schedule to prevent the Liberals from gaining more ground?

Here is a breakdown of the results:

Conservatives 34%
Liberals 31%
NDP 15%
Bloc 10%
Green 8%

(margin of for the above numbers error is +/- 3.1)

In Ontario:

Liberals 40%
Conservatives 35%
NDP 13%
Green 11%

In Quebec:

Bloc 41%
Liberals 27%
Conservatives 14%
NDP 11%
Green 5%