Friday, January 12, 2007

We Get Hate Mail (From the Religious Right)

My support for a Unified Secular Public School System for Ontario has produced quite a bit of hate mail from the religious right.

Here's a sample of what I've been receiving followed by my response:

This is a message for "Uncorrected Proofs",

A colleague of mine sent to me your post post entitled a "Unified Secular Public School System for Ontario" I find it extremely offensive and poorly reseacrhed. People like you disgust me. You defend the rights of women to kill babies, the rights of homosexuals to marry, the rights of doctors to murder terminally-ill patients, the rights of businesses to sell pornography, and the rights of people to smoke pot, but you won't support the rights of Catholics to have our own system of education. It's total hyprocrisy.

Secularism is just a code word for godless and is used by socialists to promote immoral behaviour. Canada was founded on Christian principles and it falls on the Catholic School system to uphold this proud tradition. You and your ilk will never take that away from us.

My response:

Thank you for your e-mail. I don't quite understand why this particular post has generated so much controversy. After all, the separation of Church and State is a well established political doctrine. What exactly did you find "extremely offensive" or "disgusting" about what I had to say? It's not like I was promoting third-trimester abortions... (which, by the way, I support). I look forward to your reply. Thanks again for reading my blog.

And speaking of abortion:

Via, The Daily Dissidence, check out this abortion rights timeline. We've come along way baby! (err, I mean fetus!)