Thursday, January 18, 2007

Teachers' Union Eyes Boycott of Isreal

The Ontario section of the Canadian Union of Public Employees caused a stir last spring by debating and passing a resolution condemning Isreal for its human rights abuses and calling for an international boycott.

It looks like other unions may follow in the footsteps of CUPE.

The motion put forward by Jason Kunin, an English teacher and Jewish activist who has frequently criticized Israeli government policies, and Hyssam Hulays, a computer science teacher, decries "Israel's continued violation of the human rights of Palestinians." Among other things, the Toronto teachers want the union to develop classroom materials on the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and to support an international boycott of Israel. Their motion also calls on the union to press Prime Minister Stephen Harper to criticize Israel's "aggression" against Gaza and Lebanon, and to end sanctions against the Palestinians' Hamas government.