Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cherniak Congratulates Rob Nicholson?!?

"Progressive" blogger Jason Cherniak congratulates Niagara Falls Tory MP Rob Nicholson on his appointment as Minister of Justice.

A few thoughts on the cabinet shuffle:1) Congrats to Rob Nicholson. I like him
and I hope that he is a more reasonable Minister of Justice than Vic Toews. The
most important job will be to get police representatives off boards that select
judges, allow those boards to distinguish between "qualified" and "highly
qualified" applications and fill the many, many judicial positions that the
Harper Government has left unfilled.

Don't hug him too tight Cherniak. Nicholson may have come from the PC side of the Reform-PC merger, but he is unapologetically pro-death penalty, anti-abortion, anti-equal marriage, and he has the voting record to prove it. And Cherniak wonders why people question his progressive credentials?