Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tories Crush Opposition in Fundraising

The Liberals are way behind in fundraising in the first three months of 2007. Looks like Dion's leadership has failed to inspire the rank-and-file.

From the Globe & Mail:

Liberals: $531,141 from 4,365 donors.
Tories: $5.2 million from more than 45,000
NDP: $1.2 million from almost 15,000 donors.


janfromthebruce said...

I wonder if this is part of the reason that libs play passive-aggressive.

At least the NDP raises more money, and it is the smallest of the 3 parties.

Steve V said...

You can't spin that.

Sean S. said...

I wonder if those totals include donations made directly to riding associations? I didn't see any breakdown in the article
Donations made to the Federal Party and individual ridings are completely separate in the NDP.

Anonymous said...

Just to put this in context, and to point out the nature of the electoral funding changes; according to elections Canada, the Liberals used to fundraise something to the tune of $8m from big business. The NDP would trail that with $1m.

The change in laws are going to seriously change the political landscape, and they cannot be underestimated!