Saturday, May 12, 2007

Support for Federal NDP "Surges" in British Columbia

Read about the poll here.

The news story contains the following paragraph:

In B.C., the NDP surged 15 percentage points to take the lead with 30% support, followed by the Liberals at 29%, the Tories at 24%, and the Greens at 16%.

"While that province [B.C.] tends to be a bit volatile, it's by no mistake that this drop [in support for the Conservatives] comes in probably the most eco-conscious part of the country and right on the heels of the Tory plan," said Wright. "I think the public is really anxious about climate change and believes that this [plan] is pretty sub-standard stuff."


Steve V said...

The Ipsos regional numbers, outside of Quebec and Ontario have enormous margins of error. I wouldn't put much faith in that finding. Although I'd like to believe the Tories could drop 19% in BC, in just one week, it seems ridiculous frankly. Last week the Tories were up 17% in BC. Ipsos shouldn't bother releasing these regionals, they obviously don't have the sample size to take them seriously.

janfromthebruce said...

What's even more interesting in these numbers, is the polling company is the mouthpiece for the Neocons, and the NDP generally polls low with these guys. So in the past,they poll around 12, 13 with these guys, all of sudden, we are sitting at 17 nation wide, and NUMBER 1 in BC.
So it could be, that we are actually polling much higher across Canada, and really high in BC.