Monday, May 7, 2007

Ryan's Criticism of Hargrove Hypocritical

CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan's hypocrisy is a bit much to take. In a recent column, Ryan accused CAW President Buzz Hargrove of flip flopping.
As I read it now, Buzz's many positions are:

Vote Liberal because they
put money into the auto sector, but forget their policies that killed thousands
of auto jobs.

Vote Tory because they are not part of the current
environmental "insanity," but forget they killed thousands of auto jobs with the
Free Trade Agreement.

Vote against the NDP because I don't like Howard
Hampton, but ignore the fact that they are the only party that consistently
stands up for workers' rights.

This is the same Sid Ryan who condemned the Ontario NDP's social contract as the most anti-union piece of legislation ever passed... only to turn around a few years later and run for the party in the 1999 provincial election under the leadership of Howard Hampton (who incidentally voted in favour of the social contract). Ryan should not be giving lectures of flip flops.


Dissidence said...

You tell it how it is. The NDP hasn't changed sufficiently enough from what it was in 1993 to recieve the unquestioned support that Ryan gives it. The party that best represents workers? Probably...but does it deserve the praise that Ryan gives it? I'd say it hasn't earned that trust and support bak yet.

Kayle Hatt said...

Have the liberals changed at all from the anti-union party they have always been? The recent anti-scab vote tells us the answer.