Thursday, May 31, 2007

Former NDP Cabinet Minister Predicts Calvert's Defeat

You don't need to be a psychic to predict that the Saskatchewan NDP will likely be defeated once Premier Calvert gets the nerve to call an election. However, I was surprised to hear former NDP Cabinet Minster Janice McKinnon predict it over and over again publicly as part of a CPSA panel which included former NDP Premier Alan Blakeney.


janfromthebruce said...

She wins the 'dork' award for "too much information."

lance said...

McKinnon is probably one of the more respected politicians we had from the centre to the left.

Along with Cline, Romanow and Axworthy she represented the centre side of the our provincial NDP. The liberals here can run in all three parties and fit in with minimal difficulties.

It isn't surprising to find her coming out against the leftward shift of the NDP since Calvert. It isn't all that new either.

Those names I mentioned? One was a Liberal candidate in Saskatoon-Waneskewin last go round, one works for big oil in Calgary, one got a juicy health-care commission from the federal Libs.

In Saskatchewan (and MB) the Liberals are non-entities, but the right isn't Reform either.


lance said...

Oops, not Eric Cline . . . Dwain Lingenfelter. My bad.

Saskatory said...

I also attended the session and was quite surprised that McKinnon was so fluid with her anticipation. It was an interesting session for sure.