Thursday, January 31, 2008

Teach Your Son to Respect Women

I saw this billboard in Western New York a few days ago. It's part of an impressive ad campaign called "Coaching Boys into Men". We need more state-sponsored ads like this in Canada.

Canadian Blog Awards: And The Winner Is...

The braintrust over at the Canadian Blog Awards is withholding the the final results of the competition from the blogging masses. Stay tuned.

As of midnight January 31, 2008, the polls for our 27 categories, have closed.
Our nerve center of super computers and statisticians are working through the night to bring you results. And what they will tell you is this:

The winners are being announced a little bit differently this year. Some of you were expecting to find out everyone who won an award as of January 31, 2008. In our instant gratification society it would make sense to tell you all of the winners at once. However, in the interest of building suspense and giving more winning blogs a longer 15 minutes of fame, the CBAs are going to present the winners over the course of the next week!

What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?

Effective Australian ad dispelling myths about unions.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where Will Edwards' Union Support Go?

John Edwards, who has quit the Presidential race, had the largest bloc of union support of any candidate. His supporters included the USW, the CWA, the SEIU, the Carpenters, and UMWA. Edwards' advisors are suggesting he will not back either of his competitors. However, what about his union backers? Where will organized labour’s support go?

Obama has the support of UNITE HERE and Clinton has the support of AFSCME. If the unions that coalesced around Edwards move as a bloc towards one candidate, it could be enough to put either candidate over the top. Stay tuned.

Rudy Giuliani Withdraws

The most disastrous Presidential campaign in recent memory comes to an end...

Canadian Blog Awards: Last Day of Voting

It's your last chance.

Check out all of the finalists here.

Uncorrected Proofs is a finalist in the following categories:

Best political blog

Best progressive blog

Best new blog

Best blog post series

I don't expect to win in any of the categories.. heck I'm up against titans of the Canadian blogosphere in the first two categories... but whatever the final result, I do take comfort in knowing I garnered more votes than Jason Cherniak ;-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spotlight on NDP Bloggers

Some of them are calling themselves New Democrats Online while others are still calling themselves Blogging Dippers. While that is being sorted out, I thought I'd shed the spotlight on some great recent posts by a few NDP bloggers.

Check it out:

Dymaxion World on Hillary Clinton.

Blogging a Dead Horse on Elizabeth May.

The Wheatsheaf on partisanship.

Accidental Deliberations on accidents waiting to happen.

Peterborough Politics on Question Period and public opinion polls.

Mike Huckabee's Doggy Style Nightmare

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has recently argued that same-sex marriage would lead to acceptance of bestiality... this video seems to prove his point.

via Nag on the Lake

Federal NDP Targets in Ontario

The Federal NDP faces both challenges and opportunities in the anticipated 2008 federal election. NDP MP Peggy Nash is widely expected to be in the fight of her political life against Gerard Kennedy in Parkdale-High Park. In addition, after dismal NDP results in the 2007 provincial election, London-Fanshawe’s Irene Mathyssen and Sault Ste. Marie’s Tony Martin may also be in trouble.

However, the NDP also has room to grow, especially if the Liberals take a nosedive in the midst of an election campaign.

The following eight seats are what I see as the party’s priority targets:

Thunder Bay – Superior North
With incumbent MP Joe Comuzzi's decision to cross the floor from the Liberals to the Tories, this Northern Ontario riding is ripe for the picking. The NDP came within 309 votes of taking it in 2006, and represented the riding from 1984-1988.

Thunder Bay – Rainy River
This riding, which overlaps with the provincial riding of Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton, was lost by roughly 700 votes to the party in 2006. The party did extremely well here in the 2007 provincial election and has a history of representing the area from 1984-1993.

Nickel Belt
A long history of NDP representation combined with the retirement of Liberal MP Raymond Bonin has given the NDP an unprecedented opportunity to win back this Northern Ontario riding. A provincial NDP stronghold, the federal party has come incredibly close to winning Nickel Belt in the last two elections.

Liberal incumbent John Maloney has lucked out through a series of vote splits in the 2000, 2004, and 2006 elections. This time, local New Democrats have wised up and nominated Malcolm Allen, deputy Mayor of Pelham, as their candidate. Allen and Welland’s longtime NDP MPP Peter Kormos act like Siamese twins at public events, indicating that the party thinks they have finally found a winning federal candidate. The NDP finished second here and came within 5% of knocking off the Liberals in 2006. Expect a close three way race in 2008.

Although the NDP dropped from 2nd to 3rd place between 2004 and 2006, the party is still very much in the game. If there is a shift away from the Liberals and towards the NDP in Northern Ontario (like the shift that took place in the 2007 Ontario election) expect the NDP to pick up this seat.

Beaches - East York
Former NDP MPP Marilyn Churley is back and ready for a rematch with Liberal incumbent Maria Minna. Churley is a favourite of Layton’s (she quit provincial politics for a federal run) and her riding is next door to the NDP leader’s riding. Expect a spill-over effect and additional resources to flow into this riding from across the GTA. Minna won by just over 5% last time. It will be a hard gap to overcome, but if anyone can do it in this riding, it's Churley.

This is the stomping ground of longtime (former) NDP MPP Bud Wildman. However, the party has never had much success here federally. In 2004 and 2006, the NDP put up a good fight, but fell marginally short. As a relative unknown, NDP candidate Carol Hughes almost won the seat for the NDP in 2006. She has now gained experience and the attention of the party leadership. Expect the central campaign to boost her fortunes this time around with additional resources.

Three time loser Sid Ryan will likely not offer himself up as a candidate for a fifth time, therefore making Oshawa even more of a longshot for the NDP. The presence of a Conservative rather than Liberal incumbent will only make it a harder hill to climb for the party. However, an unexpected Tory collapse could hand Oshawa over to the NDP. It’s a longshot for sure.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

McDonald's now has the authority to grant credits that can be used towards a highschool diploma.

Read more.

Jack Layton's Pitch to Ontario Labour Council Presidents

Yesterday, I attended a Canadian Labour Congress Labour Council Presidents’ meeting in Toronto where NDP leader Jack Layton was a guest speaker.

Layton’s speech briefly highlighted the historic roots of the NDP-labour alliance before turning his guns on Stephane Dion and the Liberals, whom he mocked and lambasted for sitting on their hands while workers endure a crisis in the manufacturing sector. Layton also gave us a sneak peak at the party’s election platform, suggesting it will focus on pocketbook issues like ATM fees, and credit card debt to woo voters who are feeling marginalized in the economy.

Layton didn’t mention Stephen Harper once during his ten minute speech, but virtually all of the questions from the audience had to do with Harper’s agenda.

By the end of the session, perhaps sensing the mood of his audience, Layton shifted gears and concluded the meeting by declaring "we've got to kick the shit out of this Harper government and replace them with enough NDP MPs to form or direct the next government."

I can understand why Layton focuses on Liberals... strategically, the top NDP targets in Ontario have Liberal incumbents. However, at what point will voters grow tired of an NDP that goes soft on the government while criticizing the Official Opposition? To be sure, there is lots to criticize when it comes to Stephane Dion, but after witnessing the dynamics of this meeting, I'm beginning to rethink the wisdom of the NDP's focus on the Liberals.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's That Smell? It's the NDP

A while back, I posted about the Catalan Socialist Party’s launch of an official fragrance. Apparently, the sweet smell of socialism "mixes Mediterranean herbs and fruits such as Bergamot orange and white tea with base notes from the Orient, which come together to produced an aroma of 'confidence, equality, progress and efficiency'".

That got me thinking… What does Canadian socialism smell like? Here are a few ideas for an NDP scent:

Orange Blossoms
Using the aromatic essences of over a dozen working families in all regions of Canada, the NDP has produced a results-based perfume, Orange Blossoms. The fragrance of this exclusive socialist-inspired perfume represents a subtle blend of Saskatchewan potash and working class discontent, encapsulating the very essence of modern day social democratic politics.

Pinko Perfume
Since politics is about power, the NDP chose a provincial fragrance for this socialist perfume, a symbol of hope for the working class. Pinko Potion is an explosion of socialism, a proletarian gift in a perfume bottle cut like soviet-style architecture. This working class perfume contains the scent of class struggle, capable of unleashing the antagonism of the people who wear it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Democrats Outspending Republicans in a Big Way

The Liberal Party of Canada could learn something from the Democrats about fundraising...

2008 Presidential Campaign:

Clinton: $90,962,311

Obama: $80,256,425

Romney: $62,829,068

Giuliani: $47,253,519

McCain: $32,124,783

Edwards: $30,329,150

Paul: $8,268,060

Huckabee: $2,345,796

Check out

h/t to Nag on the Lake

Union Organizer Banned From Facebook For Having Too Many Friends

Derek Blackadder, a CUPE union organizer (he organized my old local) and LabourStart correspondent, has been banned from Facebook for having too many friends.

Blackadder, quite cleverly in my opinion, has been using Facebook for progressive purposes: to organize workers. John Wood elaborates on Blackadder's organizing ban:

Derek got a note from the good book, telling him he was trying to add too many friends, and should calm down a bit, or else. Now as a union organiser, he’s quite likely to want to add lots of friends - it’s kind of what he does. So he waits a bit and tries again, and is told he can’t add any more at the moment and to wait and try later. Fair enough. He waits a bit more and tries again, same message. By now, he’s probably frothing at the mouth and muttering “must organise, must organise”, so he has another go to see if the coast is clear, and promptly gets himself a ban.
That being a ban from Facebook itself - no more profile, no access to the stuff he’s built up, no appeal.

Okay, he was probably being a little over-eager, but Facebook is definitely the poorer for not having him, and this is a bit of a stumbling block for unions wanting to use the tools to organise. Add to this the SEIU Canadian profile that got closed down (admittedly they too had been stretching the terms of use), the 1,000 group mailing cap and you’re left wondering if your time investment in it is all about to go up in smoke - it seems the better you do, the riskier your position.

So let’s try to get Derek back in. Come join (what else…) the Blackadder solidarity Facebook group. A very slim chance I grant you, but worth a pop to lobby Facebook on this one. Any ideas you’ve got for making this work - let us know!

If we do manage to get him reinstated, it’ll make Facebook a much safer place for all unions and activists to network (it‘s hardly going to inspire you to put in the effort if you only get kicked out for it). Just don’t ask Derek to add you as a friend though, or they’ll boot him out again. ;-)


From Eric Lee:

Yesterday, I wrote to all of you about the case of Derek Blackadder, the trade union organizer banned from Facebook for ... organizing.

You responded instantly and the word spread like wildfire. Within 8 hours, nearly 2,400 of you signed up to join the Facebook group protesting the ban on Derek.

Facebook has now removed the ban. We won.

Why We Need the F-Word Blog Awards

Feminsim is as relevant today as it ever was... and this short video proves it.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Danny Glover and Ontario Labour Leaders Convicted on Trespassing Charges

As someone who has attended many a peaceful demonstration, including the one described below, I can honestly say that I am surprised by the verdict. However, I'm certain it will not deter the union from taking this employer to task.


TORONTO, January 24th, 2008- Well-known actor and activist Danny Glover has been convicted, along with UNITE HERE Canadian Co-Director Alex Dagg and Ontario Federation of Labour President Wayne Samuelson, for trespassing in an Ontario Provincial Offences Court, after being charged under a rarely used private prosecution by a Niagara hotel company.

“It is sad that even though the police acknowledged everyone was well behaved and did not press charges, a rich and powerful company can pay to go forward with a private prosecution,” said Dagg. “It raises serious questions for all of us who believe in fairness and equality before the law but it will, in no way, deter us from continuing to stand up for what is right.”

The case against UNITE HERE organizer, Catalina Gonzalez was dismissed outright and Dagg said UNITE HERE will continue to vigorously defend the rights of workers in the Niagara region.

“Our members who work in these hotels have been demanding justice in their workplace for years and that is where we will continue to focus our energy,” said Dagg. “Our union has a proud history of standing up for justice in the workplace and for establishing those rights through the laws of our land. Today we are reminded that struggle is not over. The rights of working people - to express themselves and advocate for better working conditions - is fundamental. We will be reviewing all of our options, including the possibility of an appeal.”

Wayne Samuelson, President of the Ontario Federation agreed.

“I have attended union rallies and gone to speak to employers with labour problems for decades in this province and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Samuelson. “The Ontario labour movement will not be deterred by this decision today and will continue to utilize our Charter rights to stand up for working people across this province. It is wrong that those with money can go above the police and purchase a prosecution in this province and we will stand our ground against such tactics.”

The sentence will be handed down on February 8th, 2008. Danny Glover has been working with UNITE HERE to raise awareness of the issues facing Niagara area hotel workers who are fighting to improve working conditions. Canadian Niagara Hotels (CNH) owns the Sheraton on the Falls, the Brock Plaza Hotel and the Skyline Inn in the Clifton Hill neighborhood of Niagara Falls, Ontario. The hotels were purchased in 1993 by Dino DiCienzo and his company Canadian Niagara Hotels.

NDP Renewal Site Set to Launch

It’s an Uncorrected Proofs exclusive!

A website dedicated to renewal in the Ontario NDP is currently under development.

I’m told is essentially a “Dump Howard Hampton website,” but focuses on other aspects of party renewal as well (fundraising, internal party democracy).

Who runs the website?

A simple internet search turned up the following:

Registrant Name:Back Blast
Registrant Organization:BackBlast Design c/o Free Private Reg
Registrant Street1:P.O. Box 81024
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Burnaby
Registrant State/Province:BC
Registrant Postal Code:V5H4K2
Registrant Country:CA
Registrant Phone:+852.35941708

Stay tuned. Hopefully, Howard Hampton’s dismal tenure as leader of the Ontario NDP is about to come to an end…

Read more about Ontario NDP leadership speculation here, here , here and here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Québec's Flag Turns Sixty

PQ leader Pauline Marois celebrates the 60th anniversary of her province's flag with the hope that it will one day become her country's flag.

Mitt Romney Gets Punked by His Son

Republican Presidental candidate Mitt Romney receives a prank phone call from "Governor Schwarzenegger"

Manley Report: No Surprises

It looks like Stephen Harper got exactly what he wanted out of John Manley's report on the situation in Afghanistan. It will play well with hawkish Conservatives while putting the squeeze on a divided Liberal caucus. The Liberals have no idea what to do... it was quite humorous watching both Bob Rae and Stephane Dion on television yesterday going on and on about nothing, refusing to take a position on the report. The NDP deserves credit for its clear and consistent position - a position shared by a majority of Canadian: Pull the troops now!

Canadian Blog Awards: Round Two Voting

Your votes carried me into the finals in four categories in the first round of voting… let’s see where the second round will take me. I am a finalist in the following categories:

Best political blog
Best new blog
Best blog post series
Best progressive blog

I suspect my friend Nag on the Lake helped push me over the top in the first round of voting. In appreciation, I’m asking my readers to help propel the Nag to victory in the following categories:

Best entertainment/cultural blog
Best humour blog


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trial of Danny Glover and Ontario Labour Leaders Comes to a Close


Labour Leaders will be in Court to Defend Charter Rights: Thurs Jan 24th

NIAGARA FALLS January 21, 2008 - Well-known actor and activist Danny Glover will be told if the courts will be upholding his rights to peaceful assembly and free speech on behalf of Canadian hotel employees, along with UNITE HERE Canadian Co-Director Alex Dagg and Ontario Federation of Labour President Wayne Samuelson. The trio will be gathered to hear the courts decision which will be the end of a long and rare private prosecution, initiated by Canadian Niagara Hotels (CNH) after a September 2006 union rally at the Sheraton on the Falls in Niagara Falls.

Samuelson and Dagg will appear with criminal lawyer Frank Addario and co-defendant Catalina Gonzalez, a UNITE HERE organizer, at a Niagara Falls courthouse on Thursday, January 24th. The verdict will bring to a close two days of testimony last October that concerned Charter arguments and the impact on the Ontario labour movement of companies using private prosecutions to limit union's free speech, expression, association and assembly rights.

Alex Dagg, Canadian Co-Director, UNITE HERE
Wayne Samuelson, President, Ontario Federation of Labour
Frank Addario, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell Where:
Provincial Offences Court
4635 Queen Street West, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Date: Thursday, January 24th, 2008
Time: The verdict is scheduled to be given at 10:30. Participants may be able to speak to the media after court is dismissed.


Dreamgirls and Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover has been working with UNITE HERE to raise awareness of the issues facing Niagara area hotel workers who are fighting to improve working conditions. Canadian Niagara Hotels (CNH) owns the Sheraton on the Falls, the Brock Plaza Hotel and the Skyline Inn in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Workers at the Brock Plaza have been unionized since 1942. The hotels were purchased in 1993 by Dino DiCienzo and his company Canadian Niagara Hotels. Since then union/management relationships have been difficult and UNITE HERE has been fighting to uphold basic parts of the collective agreement. UNITE HERE represents 50,000 hotel, food service, garment and manufacturing workers across Canada and 450,000 across North America.

Canadian Blog Awards: Round One Results

I owe a big thank you to the readers of Uncorrected Proofs. Your votes have made me a finalist in four categories at the Canadian Blog Awards. I readily admit that I was shocked by the results. Voting starts up again on Wednesday.

Canadian F-word Blog Awards

Round One of the Canadian Blog Awards has come and gone, but the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards are just getting started. Celebrate the feminist blogosphere.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Alberta Liberals Losing Ground: Poll

Not long ago, everybody seemed to think Ed Stelmach's Conservative government in Alberta was vulnerable. However, a recent poll shows that Stelmach is poised to increase his majority government at the expense of the opposition Liberals, who could easily lose up to half of their seats in a snap election.

Consider the numbers:

2004 election

Conservative: 62 seats with 47% of the vote
Liberal: 16 seats with 29% of the vote
NDP: 4 seats with 10% of the vote
Alliance: 1 seat with 9% of the vote
Greens: 0 seats with 3% of the vote

2008 poll

Conservative: 58% +11
Liberal: 19% -10
NDP: 9% -1
Alliance: 5% -4
Greens: 9% +6

"How Do We Beat the Bitch?"

The GOP's saving grace, John McCain, shows his true colours by answering this "excellent question".

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Exact Change: The NDP and the Prosperity Gap

This campaign by the Federal NDP to address the growing gap between the rich an the rest of us should resonate with traditional NDP voters. However, decisions like this are sure to repel the exact same demographic. The more the NDP acts like the Liberals and Tories, the more people will dismiss the party as an option.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What a tangled Web... Registering domain names makes online politicking tricky

University student Dave Cournoyer is being sued by Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach for having registered as domain name.
Seeing this political cartoon brought back memories of my own online shenanigans from six years ago... My target was the long-serving Mayor of Niagara Falls, Wayne Thomson, who went on to experience a crushing defeat in the 2003 municipal election. Congratulations to Dave Cournoyer for taking on the Alberta Premier. Let's hope Stelmach suffers the same defeat that Thomson did.
From the December 31, 2002 edition of the Niagara Falls Review:

What a tangled Web...: Registering domain names makes online politicking tricky

Corey Larocque
The Review

NIAGARA FALLS - Larry Savage owns "Wayne Thomson."

Savage bought, an Internet domain name he's using to criticize the Niagara Falls mayor online. It's bound to create confusion for Thomson's re-election campaign, which used that Internet address in 2000.

"I don't want voters to forget about the mess the mayor has created down at city hall," said Savage, who has said he does not intend to be a candidate in November's municipal election. The York University student from Niagara Falls has fired political shots from the sidelines for years. When Internet users type in, they're directed to a subdirectory of a Web site Savage created earlier this year. Savage, who fought city hall to keep the ward system, started to criticize council decisions.

The site identifies itself as the "unofficial web site" for Thomson. It mimics a page on the city's official Web site ( that lists Thomson's accomplishments. "In that respect, it's sort of a spoof of his own Web page," Savage said.

Because Web sites are so prominent, computer users often look for sites of celebrities and companies by typing their names and adding the common dot-com suffix.

Thomson said he plans to use a political Web site of his own as part of his re-election campaign, which will begin in early January. Thomson said he believed he would be able to use again because he used it before.

"It looks like an under-handed trick, like we've been dealing wwith the Web site he has set up," Thomson said, reacting to Savage's move.

Savage and Thomson have sparred over the content on Savage's Web site before.

In October, Thomson said he would react appropriately - including taking legal action - when his character is "impugned."

Savage launched the spoof site Friday, just five days before the 2003 campaign period officially begins. Since then, the site has been accessed nearly 200 times, he said.

It lists 13 controversies Thomson has been involved in since 1991. It describes the libel lawsuit against Thomson for his comments about a Chippawa couple in 1998 (Thomson counter-sued and the matter was settled out of court). It criticizes him for negotiating "a poor casino revenue deal" with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.

The site also accuses Thomson of contradicting himself at times during council meetings. Savage has also bought the dot-com names for city aldermen Norm Puttick, Selina Volpatti, Victor Pietrangelo and Ken Feren, which link to his main site. It cost Savage about $25 apiece to register all the domain names, he said.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The NDP, the BQ and Party-Union Relations in Quebec

The NDP’s recent announcement that Quebec union leader Jean-Claude Rocheleau will run for the party in the federal election has some New Democrats cheering about the party’s improving fortunes in Quebec. However, it’s far too early to be celebrating. Although the NDP leadership would like us to think that unions and their members are drifting away from the BQ and into the arms of the NDP, there is little concrete evidence to suggest that this is occurring in any significant way.

Gilles Duceppe has solid trade union credentials as a former union staffer and most of Quebec’s labour leaders are solidly in the sovereignist camp even if their unions are not officially backing the Bloc. For example, recall that While Buzz Hargrove was calling on his members in English Canada to vote Liberal to stop Stephen Harper Harper in 2006, the Quebec section of the CAW was endorsing the BQ and actively working to unseat Liberals. The BQ has also been the key player behind repeated attempts to have a federal anti-scab bill passed into law and several of its MPs come from union backgrounds.

The relationship between the Quebec Federation of Labour (the largest trade union central in Quebec) and the NDP is virtually non-existent. The political outlook of the FTQ often conflicts with the centralist policy agenda of the NDP. Although on paper the NDP advocates asymmetry in Canadian constitutional matters, in practice, the New Democrats tend to sway with the political winds on this issue (witness the party’s flip flop on the Clarity Act in 2006). Organized labour in Quebec has had difficulty in embracing the NDP because of fundamental ideological and philosophical differences which exist as a result of constitutional issues. The Quebec labour movement's strong support of decentralization and limits on the federal spending power stands in sharp contrast to the NDP's economic nationalism and preference for a strong central government to set national standards. These contradictory policy preferences were slightly blurred during the Charlottetown Accord talks when the NDP negotiated away many of its core centralizing policy positions, but the NDP compromise did not come close to fulfilling the aspirations of the Quebec working class.

The FTQ’s 2004 convention, in a policy paper entitled “Présents sur tous les Fronts”, reaffirmed its commitment to operating with complete political independence in the realm of electoral politics. After amending its constitution to sever its official ties to the NDP in 1971, the FTQ has chosen to endorse parties in elections on a case-by-case basis. Since 1988, the FTQ has required a special convention resolution in order to endorse a political party in a provincial election campaign. In the 2003 Quebec provincial election, for example, the FTQ chose not to endorse a party and instead ran a third party campaign against the upstart ADQ. In 2007, the FTQ backed the PQ and has generally been supportive of the BQ at the federal level.

The argument is often made that labour parties like the NDP and unions are united through a common ideological commitment to social democracy. In Quebec, the common ideological commitment between unions and parties revolves around the national question, not social democracy. Whereas the PQ and BQ see sovereignty as the ultimate goal, the labour movement in Quebec views sovereignty as a means to an end, namely, social democracy. Until the NDP can come up with a consistent position on the national question (which is acceptable to Quebec nationalists), it is unlikely to win significant trade union support.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dion's Approval Ratings in the Toilet

More bad news for Stephane Dion... could this mean we don't have a spring election?

The survey, conducted between Jan. 10-13 for CTV and The Globe and Mail, shows that Dion is the only national party leader to show a significant drop in support.

When respondents were asked if they found the leaders favourable, less than half said they had a good impression of Dion (difference between a Jan. 11-14, 2007 poll in brackets):

Stephen Harper, Conservatives: 58 per cent (+4)
Elizabeth May, Green Party: 56 per cent (-2)
Jack Layton, NDP: 55 per cent (-4)
Stephane Dion, Liberals: 39 per cent (-20)

Canadian Blog Awards

Uncorrected Proofs has been nominated in four categories as part of the Canadian Blog Awards. You can vote for me in the following categories:

Best political blog
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And since my friend Nag on the Lake suggested to her readers that they throw their votes my way, I'll return the favour and suggest that you vote for Nag on the Lake in the following categories"

Best humour blog
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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sweet Smell of Socialism

The Catalan Socialist Party has officially launched its very own smell.

At a press conference today, the PSC answered the question on everybody's noses since the party announced last week it had created the fragrance: what does socialism smell like?

Apparently, it mixes Mediterranean herbs and fruits such as Bergamot orange and white tea with base notes from the Orient, which come together to produced an aroma of "confidence, equality, progress and efficiency".

Oddly, it also smells a little like air freshener. One journalist at the press conference said the smell was so strong that he was practically overwhelmed and left feeling faint.

The creator, Albert Majós, told Cadena Ser radio station today that it was neither a "perfume nor air-freshener" but the aromatic representation of socialism's values.

Blogging Dippers vs New Democrats Online

What's the difference between Blogging Dippers and New Democrats Online? Are they in competition? Is one in transition to becoming the other? Do they intend to co-exist on a permanent basis?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

SGEU Staff Lock-Out Enters Tenth week

Saskatchewan Government Employees Union staff members, represented by CEP local 481, have been locked out for ten weeks.

Here is the timeline of the labour dispute according to the CEP:

SGEU locked out its staff on November 6.
CEP Local 481 agreed to a SFL request to proceed to mediation.
On November 30, SGEU refused to take part in mediation.
On December 3, CEP Local 481 contacted SGEU to return to the bargaining table.
On December 4, SGEU refused to agree to go back to the bargaining table.

The actions of SGEU leaders speak louder than words.

They try to impose concessions, lock-out workers who refuse to give in, and then refuse to attempt to bargain or mediate an agreement after having kept their workers locked-out in the cold for over a month -- just as we head into the Christmas season.SGEU leaders: your actions will be remembered...

I haven't read anything about this labour dispute in the left blogosphere, which is weird given the number of blogs that come out of Saskatchewan. In particular, I'm wondering what this blogger thinks.

Retro Chicklets TV ad Featuring Mulroney, Turner, and Broadbent

Spitting images en francais!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Mormon in the Whitehouse

A funny parody of Adam Sandler's infamous "Chanukah" song, featuring none other than Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pick Your Candidate

This nifty quiz helps match a voter's public policy preferences with the most like-minded presidential candidate. Not surprisingly, Kucinich and Obama topped my list.

Organized Labour and Constitutional Reform Under Mulroney

Who ever thought I'd end up on the pages of

Monday, January 7, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

In Celebration of BirthPangs Day!

The anti-craft presents the fetus coin purse! In some jurisdictions in North America, women are still expected to pay for their abortions... what better political statement than a fetus coin purse to show our support for free universal access to abortion services!
Happy birthday BirthPangs.

Canadian Taser Video Game

In poor taste? Or political satire at its best? You decide.

Via Nag on the Lake

Friday, January 4, 2008

Liberal, New Democrat, Same Old Story...

A heck of a lot of NDP supporters like to remind us that whether it is Liberal or Tory, it's the same old story. Well, in this case, there seems to be little difference between New Democrats and Liberals. Before New Democrats mount their sanctimonious high horses in the future, they should take a minute to remember Joan Beatty and all the other Dippers who have defected to the Liberals and other parties in recent years.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Peter Tabuns Ontario NDP Leadership Tour?

Peter Tabuns is one smart cookie. As previously mentioned here, Tabuns is embarking on a province-wide speaking tour just a few months in advance of Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton's anticipated retirement. Coincidence? I think not.

Peter Tabuns Meetings
Dialogue for a New Energy Economy

January 15 - London - London City Hall, Committee Room #4 & #5, 6-8pm.

January 17 - Kingston - Delahaye Rm., Kingston Public Library, 130 Johnson St., 7pm.

January 21 - Ottawa - Montgomery Legion, 330 Kent Street, 7pm.

January 22- Peterborough - The Lions Center, 347 Burnham Street. 7pm.

January 29 - Sarnia - CEP Union Hall, 900 Devine Street, 7pm.

January 31- Guelph - Guelph Youth Music Centre, 75 Cardigan Street, 6:45pm.

WHAT: A public meeting with Peter Tabuns, Provincial NDP Environment and Energy Critic, MPP Toronto Danforth and former Executive Director of Greenpeace.

WHY: Because our province is on the brink of crisis: - our energy supply and our economic security are at risk. Peter Tabuns will introduce an exciting new plan to transform Ontario from a province dependent on diminishing reserves of imported non-renewable energy to a thriving economy with good jobs built on energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.

This meeting will begin a dialogue with you and others who have been working so hard for a healthy economy, a clean environment, healthy cities, good jobs and a new way forward for the future: A Dialogue for a New Energy Economy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Breakfast at Huckabee's

Brainwashed young Republicans do their best to convince voters to vote for Mike Huckabee in this clever parody... notice the floating x-mas tree in the background ;-)