Friday, May 4, 2007

"But He's a Christian...." or Hockey Canada's Lame Defence of Shane Doan

In an exchange with BQ MP Luc Malo, Bob Nicholson of Hockey Canada, in a lame attempt to defend Shane Doan, explained to the assembled Members of Parliament that Doan was a Christian. I'm not sure how that's relevant, but I wonder if Nicholson would have brought up religion if Doan was Jewish or Muslim...


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

The point was, I think, that he is devout, and NEVER swears. That he is well known to not swear. That he is teased by players throughout the NHL for not swearing.

That it's ridiculous, after a thorough investigation, to believe that a man who never swears would call an official an "f*cking Frenchman" based on the word of one person (the linesman), contradicted by the word of another (Curtis Joseph) when another player (Ladislav Nagy) on the ice was confirmed to have said (earlier in the game) the very thing Doan was accused of saying, and is widely suspected to have also been the person that actually said it when Doan was accused of it.

There's no evidence Doan said what he is accused of saying. The fact that he is well known as a religious man who doesn't swear makes the likelihood that he said what he is accused of saying rather remote. The NHL's investigation concluded he did NOT say what he's accused of saying.

But we'd better strip him of his Captaincy until he's able to DEFINITIVELY prove a negative.



Apparently it has to do with the fact Nicholson said Doan does not swear except for five or six times when he said Fudge according to Nicholson. Though he did not identify the kind of fudge.