Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Niagara Falls Needs a New Arena... But Does the City Have the Right Site?

The following is a press release issued by UNITE HERE Canada:

The City of Niagara Falls plans to build an arena on the Cytec (former AMERICAN CYANAMID) lands.

Because of the long history of this site and concerns about possible health risks to children, UNITE HERE Canada recently submitted comments to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).
We were especially concerned that Cytec's Risk Assessment included the possibility of an on-site daycare facility.

In a recent decision regarding the Cytec lands the MOE Director stated, "The comments resulted in the clarification being added to the CPU that the site is not approved for Institutional use such as day care facilities."

When the Ministry of the Environment doesn't approve the site to be used as a daycare, do you want your children playing sports there?

Based on the MOE’s decision there are now restrictions on uses at the site:
No Daycare
No Institutional Use
No Parkland Use etc. (e.g. no outdoor playing fields)

Don’t Our Children Deserve Better?
Ask the City of Niagara Falls to Find the Right Site!

Call: 905-356-7521 ext. 4271
Email: diorfida@niagarafalls.ca

UNITE HERE Canada represents about 700 hospitality workers in the Niagara Region. Many of our workers and their families live in the area around the Cytec site.

Local 2347 – Niagara
905-354-2027 x312