Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Garth Turner Crosses to the Liberals: Will Liberal Bloggers Change Their Tune?

Garth Turner, the independent MP from Halton who was booted from the Conservative caucus shortly after the 2006 federal election, is joining the Liberal Party.

Ironically, Turner defeated a Tory-turned-Liberal for his seat in the House of Commons in 2006 when he bested former Tory MPP Gary Carr.

Some blogging Liberals are having trouble welcoming Turner to the fold.

After the 2006 election, Jason Cherniak wrote, "I could talk about how horrible it is that Garth 'Nortel' Turner was elected."

The Calgary Grit mused "I personally never cared much for the man" after he was booted from the Tory caucus.

Lots of Liberals, including Cherniak, called on Liberal MP Wajid Khan to resign after he crossed the floor to the Conservatives recently. Do you think they'll come out in full force asking for Garth's resignation? Don't keep your hopes up.