Monday, February 26, 2007

Apparently, I'm Running in the Federal Election...

Today, Niagara Falls Review reporter Corey Larocque sent the following e-mail to me and Niagara Falls NDP Riding Association President Sharon Shearing:

Hello, Sharon.
Hello, Larry.

I'm writing this e-mail to both of you to ask about the federal NDP's nomination process in Niagara Falls.

Over the weekend, I received by e-mail a copy of a press release dated Feb. 28, announcing Larry Savage's intention to seek the Niagara Falls NDP riding association's nomination for the next election.

But it didn't come from either of you. Before we run a story, I was hoping you would confirm that this is true. I know Larry has said in his blog recently he did not intend to run. Obviously, Larry is well-known as a political activist in Niagara Falls. His entry into the race would be newsworthy.

Because of the source, it occurred to me it might be a prank - part of another party's "dirty tricks" campaign. If that's the case, that's also newsworthy. Does anyone in the riding association use the e-mail address:

We've given the other parties a lot of ink on their nomination process; obviously we'll match it for the NDP.

I'll phone both of you later today. Just wanted to send an e-mail to get the ball rolling. Perhaps you can give me a phone call on Monday.


Corey Larocque
The Review
905-358-0114, ext. 1157

Am I falttered? Yes.

Am I running for the NDP nomination? No.

Do I know who did this? I haven't a clue.