Sunday, July 8, 2007

Young Liberal Priorities

Young Liberal priorities are certainly interesting... Universal childare? OK. Kyoto? OK, but Icome Trusts? Are you kidding me? Restoring income trusts is a priority for the Liberal Party youth wing?


Sean Shaw said...

The Harper&Co movement on income trust was needed.....the fact that they broke a major promise, cost people millions of dollars and shouldn't have made the promise in the first place was where they went wrong....

The Liberal party saying they would bring them back is just stupid....don't they understand how that would affect government tax revenue in the present day?

Dissidence said...

Friends don't let friends voet Conservative.

Lying to Canadians about Income Trusts

The Liberal government promised Canadians that they would not tax income trusts and stuck to their word.

After promising to not tax income trusts, within a year of taking office Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did exactly that, breaking their commitment to voters and costing those Canadians who trusted them, billions of dollars.

When government makes a promise, Canadians should be able to take it to the bank. It’s time to Take Back Canada.

Hahahaha! What a bunch of filthy opportunists