Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Left Wing Tendency to be Purged from PQ?

SPQ-Libre, a left wing tendency of trade unionists and progressives in the PQ may become a casualty of Pauline Marois' crusade to "modernize" the party.

The SPQ Libre was created and given official status in the party while Landry was still leader, partly to mend the relationship between the PQ and organized labour. The SPQ Libre ran a candidate, Pierre Dubuc, for the PQ leadership in 2006, but he won only 2% of the vote. However, the group's influence is not reflected in those numbers.

The PQ's President, Monique Simard, is a member of SPQ-Libre along with many current and former trade union leaders in Quebec.

Read about it here in Le Devoir.

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Joshua Kubinec said...

Perhaps this will see some support drift to QS?