Thursday, July 12, 2007

Layton Most Popular Federal Leader in Montreal

Good news for Tom Mulcair...

One of the surprises in the poll was that Layton was the most popular leader in Montreal, where the NDP has never elected an MP.

Among Montrealers polled, Layton scored 24 per cent, compared with 19 per cent for Harper, 16 per cent for Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe and 12 per cent for Dion. However, the Montreal sample was only 217 respondents and had a margin of error of 6.7 percentage points.

Leebosh said Layton’s apparent strength in Montreal could be attributed to two factors: “Tom Mulcair (a former provincial Liberal cabinet minister) is the NDP’s star candidate in an upcoming byelection) but also the city may be more left-wing than the rest of the province,” which suggests dispirited Bloc and Liberal voters may be turning to the NDP in the urban area.

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Dissidence said...

Good news for Mulcair, yes, but does this benefit any other NDP candidates in other Montreal area ridings? Muclair is already a star candidate and has a decent chance of winning a seat. The real question for the NDP is do they have a shot at winning any other urban Montreal ridings?