Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Commercial Casino for Toronto?

Looks like the left-wing do-gooders on Toronto City Council are willing to roll the dice and explore the establishment of a commercial casino at the Woodbine racetrack. The irony is that left-wingers, along with the religious right, have traditionally been the most opposed to casino gambling. We'll have to wait and see if the province plays along. I think it's shocking for most people outside of Ontario to learn that the province hosts four commerical casinos (2 in Niagara Falls, 1 in Windsore and 1 in Orillia), but not a single one is located in the GTA. The City of Toronto, of course, is not so much addicted to the idea of gambling than it is to gaming revenues. With a real finanical crunch setting in, and a province less willing to bail out its largest city, it will be tough for Queen's Park to dismiss the whole idea out of hand. The NDP and the Tories opened up commercial casinos, Dalton could hardly be attacked for doing the same.

From the Star:

Late on Tuesday, council approved a massive $750 million development at Woodbine racetrack, in the city's northwest corner, including a hotel, shopping, a skating rink and a large area that could easily house a full casino similar to Casino Niagara or Casino Rama.

Woodbine officials yesterday said a casino is in the province's hands.

"There's been pressure for years for a full casino in Toronto," said Councillor Brian Ashton (Ward 36, Scarborough Southwest), a member of the executive committee. "Casinos are now centrepieces of many communities ... I would say it's probably time to roll the dice again and review this and determine if it's beneficial to Toronto."

Miller told the Star he hasn't thought through the implications of a full casino at Woodbine, though he has said in the past that he disapproved of a city casino – including during the 2003 election, when mayoral rival Tom Jacobek floated the idea.


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