Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strip Black of the Order of Canada: NDP

The NDP has submitted an official request to the Chancellery of Honours at Rideau Hall to have Black removed as officer of the Order of Canada now that he has been convicted of criminal offences. The newspaper tycoon was found guilty by a U.S. jury last week on three counts of fraud and one count of obstruction of justice.

NDP Heritage critic Charlie Angus said allowing Black to hold on to Canada’s highest civilian honour undermines its integrity.

“It’s a fundamental question of fairness,” Angus said from Timmins, Ont.. “We look to the Order of Canada to recognize the highest achievement in Canadian life, and when someone falls below that standard by being convicted, in the past they’ve been removed from that Order.”

Read the whole story here.

Some will accuse the NDP of kicking a man when he's down, but politically speaking the NDP's constituency is likely the least friendly to Conrad Black. Nothing to get the rank-and-file excited like a little class antagonism.


northwestern_lad said...

Come on... this is not a point-scoring exercise. This man turned his back on Canada, trading in his citizenship for a British Lordship. That act of disrespect should have been enough right there and then, but this conviction is just another good reason to do it. This idea should easily cross party lines because I have a hard time picturing any party stepping in to defend a Convicted criminal who gave up his citizenship in pursuit of power.

Uncorrected Proofs said...

who's defending Black?

Lord of Wealth said...

Personaly we should simply ignore the man, he's not Canadian, he's a crook, let's not waste another word on his inflated ego.

Once again it's the ndp blustering and wasting their time and their access to the press on stupid topics when SPP is getting a free ride in the media.

Jack, if you and your cabal can't pick a relevant and valuable topics STFU!
Class stuggles and biases are not as important as the enviroment, Peak oil, the SPP and just shows how petty and unprepared for power the NDP is.

Yes he should loose his honours but don't we have more important things to worry about?

Jay said...

So the NDP's view of justice is guilty until proven innocent? As much as I despise the man and his deeds, he' hasn't finished appealing and as such the jury is still out, so to speak.

Think you guys would have learned with all your tattling on Liberal MP's that turned out false.

Very scary indeed, the prospect of the NDP ruling us.

Guilty until proven innocent. Nice.

Aren't there annoying fees your party should be concerned with?

northwestern_lad said...

Jay... I always thought it was "innocent until proven guilty", not "innocent until all of the appeals of his conviction have run out". The man was convicted by a jury of his "peers" (yeah, I know... the irony) with evidence. He had his presumption of innocence, and he lost it when he was proven guilty in a court of law.

And as for the "NDP tattling" comment, come off it Jay. The Liberals made their own beds with their misdeeds. Stop blaming others for your party's problems and actually try solving them.