Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why Shopping at Canadian Tire is a Bad Idea

This store owner has taken video surveillance a step too far... It's one thing to target shoplifters, it's another to print photos of "suspicious" shoppers. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Fed up with losing thousands of dollars in merchandise to sticky-fingered
thieves, Mike Cavanaugh took matters into his own hands.

"I had to react, I couldn't afford not to," said the owner of the Canadian
Tire store on Montrose Road.

Cavanaugh said a state-of-the-art digital surveillance system installed
last year has quashed in-store thefts by almost 80 per cent.

He now keeps a running tally of his successful captures and happily shares
the information with the public. A large billboard affixed to the front of the
store reads "Arrested or banned since digital cameras to date: 249."

While many retailers don't discuss their loss prevention techniques,
Cavanaugh believes warning thieves they're not welcome in his store is an
effective deterrent...

...He has also taken his fight against crime one step further.

Images of suspicious shoppers - not caught in the act - but captured on
video are printed out and placed on an easel inside the entrance vestibule under
the heading "persons of interest."

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