Friday, August 10, 2007

Bloc Looks to Elect its First South Asian MP in By-Election

Eve-Mary Thai Thi Lac is the BQ candidate in the sovereignist stronghold of Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot. The Bloc's aggressive recruitment in ethnic communities in recent years has certainly paid dividends and a win in this by-election would be significant in terms of the BQ's overall strategy because the riding is located outside of the Montreal region. Thai Thi Lac is looking to join an impressive contigent of visible minority Bloc MPs like Maria Mourani, Maka Kotto, and Vivian Barbot. It's the new face of the sovereignist movement and it is making the Liberals very very nervous.


Lizt. said...

Is not that a Bloc seat, anyway? I think it would make Harper more nervous than Dion

Uncorrected Proofs said...

It's the fact that the BQ candidate is a visible minority that makes the Liberals nervous... they have taken ethnic votes for granted for too long.