Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cherniak Not Half As Important As He Thinks He Is

A colleague of mine recently pointed out to me the actual difference between the number of people Jason Cherniak claims read his blog and the actual number who do read his blog.

On his blog, Cherniak writes (in the third person!) "Jason has been blogging for two years and averages about 1500 readers a day, including many elected politicians and members of the national media."

However, his SiteMeter tells a different story.

As of late, Cherniak's blog has been visited by fewer than 600 people on a daily basis.

Historically, Cherniak has very seldom experienced 1,500 unique visitors per day and in the past 30 days he's averaged less than 800.

I'm sure a lot of bloggers, myself included, would love to attract this much traffic to their blogs, but why make yourself out to be something you're not?


Scott Tribe said...

I'll let Jason defend himself, but is it THAT slow of a news day for a blogpiece like this? ;)

Jason Cherniak said...

The number has gone way down over the summer. During the political season, I do average 1500 unique visits according to Google Analytics.

Jason Cherniak said...

BTW, where do I say that currently in writing? I have changed it to say that I have 15,000 regular readers, and that is based on the number of unique visitors who read at least once a week according to Google Analytics.

bigcitylib said...

What I would really like to see are the SDA numbers. I suspect they are not as high as is generally thought either.

bigcitylib said...

I want to see the numbers from SDA. I bet those aren't quite as advertised either.

Jaker said...

How many of those 600 people do you think take him seriously?

I read Cherniak daily for the same two reasons I read SDA.

1) The pure comedic value of the tortured mental logic required to spin and justify every news item to promote a specific outlook.

2) The inevitable gaffes of overzealous writing that cause public embarassment both to themself and the cause they support.

Saskboy said...

The Blogging Tories are guilty of the same overstatement. To be fair though, during an election it's probably accurate.

lance said...

BCL. Go to SDA. Go to the bottom. Click on the number.