Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ontario NDP Candidate Criticizes Hampton

Former NDP MP and MPP Reid Scott, who will be running for the New Democrats in the riding of Ajax-Pickering in the upcoming provincial election, has upset the party establishment before even being officially nominated as the candidate... I guess when you're 80, you don't have much to lose. Check out what he had to say to the Toronto Star:

Scott has a salty tongue and spares no one, not even his own side. He believes the New Democrats have "no real leadership provincially. They should have been pounding away at the issues instead of waiting for the writ to drop; looking at doubling their seats, not just hanging on to the 10 they have. That's a goofy approach."

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janfromthebruce said...

And he is right. Where is the NDP on the educational debate? NO WHERE. They should be talking about a one secular school board system, and leave the libs in the mushy middle.
The last few polls on this clearly show that Ontarians want a one school system and are willing to vote for the party/candidates who support this.