Sunday, November 9, 2008

Party Questions for Blogging Dippers

Calling all Blogging Dippers... I need your help gathering info (that should be readily accessible, but is not) concerning leadership selection methods in NDP provincial sections.

I know Ontario mimics the federal leadership selction process and that Manitoba recently reverted to the delegated convention from a system of One Member One Vote. But what about the other provinces? Any idea... delegated convention, OMOV, or some other method?

Also, I'm wondering which provincial sections have spaces reserved for Labour representatives in the executive structure.

Leaving a comment with any insight would be greatly appreciated...


Northern BC Dipper said...

The BC NDP has an OMOV system of selecting leaders. I can't tell if the OMOV system has special Labour weighting like the federal one.

The BC NDP also has one labour Vice-President, and one labour member-at-large.

I've been told that the Sask NDP is using a OMOV system to elect a leader, but I don't have the full details on that.

Sean S. said...

SaskNDP is doing OMOV this time around. The convention will be in Regina and members can vote by mail, phone, or online.

I believe the spending limit is around 200K.

Skinny Dipper said...

I can't speak on behalf of any NDP organization. However, I do know that some provincial parties have a modified one person-one vote system. Instead, they have a one riding equals 100 votes. If the party members in riding A has 557 out of 1000 voting for candidate X, then that candidate will receive 55.700 votes. If the party members in riding B has 32 out of 50 members voting for candidate X, then that same candidate will receive 64.000 votes.