Sunday, November 30, 2008

Canada's First Federal NDP Cabinet Ministers

1. Jack Layton (ON)
2. Tom Mulcair (QC)
3. Libby Davies (BC)
4. Judy Wasylycia-Leis (MB)
5. David Christopherson (ON)
6. Linda Duncan (AB)

Of course, it's just a prediction in the event that this coalition falls into place. The MSM is reporting that the NDP will get 6 cabinet seats. The NDP contingent will surely be regionally balanced and conform to the principle of gender parity.

Layton is a no-brainer. Davies has been a loyal Layton foot soldier and a solid performer. Wasylycia-Leis is also one of the party's shining stars in the House. Mulcair is in because he has cabinet experience and is from Quebec. Christopherson also has cabinet experience in the Rae government. My last pick was Duncan - admittedly, she's a rookie, but she'd make a wonderful Environment Minister. If not Duncan, expect Godin or Jack Harris to get the nod to give Atlantic Canada some representation in the NDP mini cabinet.


Curmudgeon-at-Large said...

Linda Duncan would also be the only government member from Alberta. With her qualifications, she would be an easy choice for Environment Minister. She's never held elected office, but she has worked as chief of enforcement for Environment Canada, so presumably has knowledge of the department.

The Liberal Bag said...

I was putting together a mock cabinet, and one difficulty was out east, as you kind of mention, since with the exception of PEI, the Grits and Dippers both have some pretty solid representation in every maritime province, it might become an issue since traditionally those provinces only get a single cab min. Godin vs. LeBlanc, Stoffer vs. Brison, etc. Given that no matter how it is sliced, Alberta and Saskatchewan will only have one minister each, the traditional regional balancing act will be joined by a party balancing act.

Purityofessence said...

You're probably right with the people. However, the more important question is: What are the portfolios? The number one portfolio has to be Labour. As a union member myself and having dealt with how F..ked the labor law is in this country, they have to get Labour. Then I think it would be Environment, Health, Status of Women, Human Resources and Social Development, and then Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.