Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hey Bob Rae, Fire Your Editor

Check this out. Front and centre on his leadership campaign website:

“I have the judgment, the character, the values and the experience to lead at very difficult time in the life of our country.”

And they said Dion had a poor command of the English language...


NA Patriot said...

good find...looks like he got it corrected

Anonymous said...

Hmm? Honestly can't see the problem there. It passes the read out loud test, anyway. It's a bit pedestrian to read, as though it was written by a guy writing a cover letter for a resume for a job in a warehouse, but then again, Mister Rae is probably aiming for a type of plain-speaking, shoot from the hip character persona in his leadership campaign.

Wonder if his desire to turn his weakness into a strength will work? Who knows?